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Flymiaway is a brand name owned by De-Miropass Technologies Limited Corp and is the fastest growing travel portal in Africa. Rapidly, our Travel portal became the preferred choice of millions of travelers who were delighted to be empowered by a few clicks! Our company rise has been lead by the vision and the spirit of each one of its employees, for whom no idea was too big and no problem too difficult.

We provide best travel solutions to our esteemed customers. Our Online travel portal provides access to Flights booking, Hotel booking and holiday packages at affordable price. We have been committed to offer comprehensive schedules and fares allowing customers to book their tickets to their destinations.

With our Travel website Flymiaway.com make booking easily than ever before. It caters to leisure travelers, Business Travelers, and travel agents in Africa for Domestic and International flight bookings.

Designed with a user-friendly interface and convenient features, Flymiaway.com offers a hassle free online booking experience with low and amazing offers.

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Your Trusted Advisor

We’ll answer your every question. Our experienced travel experts and real-time on field know-how gives us this advantage.

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Your holiday, your terms. We’ll fill in the blanks to plan the perfect trip in the blink of an eye.

Memorable Experiences

Do everything or do nothing. Either way, your holiday will be nothing less than extraordinary.


Travel smooth and stress-free. That’s how easy we make it because that’s how your holiday should be.

Handcrafted Holidays

We interact with our loyal customers to co-create unique experiences that will take your holiday to the next level.


Our Holidays are co-created with our customers, ensuring suggestions and feedback are the basis of creating magical holidays

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Cameron Joseph

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